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Dewi Djalal was Invited To Become Speaker at PT Pertamina Lubricants

Our Managing Partner, Dewi Djalal was invited to become one of the speakers at PT Pertamina Lubricants. This activity was held on 20 November 2019. The theme of this event is Business Judgment Rules. This activity was a form for the company to make an innovation, investment, and expansion effort to keep its business in accordance with regulations.

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Pengamat: Pemerintah Harus Cerdas Mengelola Aset BUMN

Jakarta: Pemerintah melalui Kementerian BUMN diminta cerdas mengelola aset BUMN. Hal itu penting agar aset yang ada saat ini tidak membebani pemerintah.

Pengamat Hukum Korporasi Dewi Djalal mengatakan BUMN harus mengelola asetnya dengan benar untuk mengoptimalkan nilai perusahaan.

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Intellectual Property Law

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Consumer Protection Law