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About Us

Dynamic change, especially in the disruption era or in the times of uncertainty (such as pandemics, financial crises, etc.) often arise  unprecedented effects on law and society, which creating need for the people to have a good understanding on law and its discourses. But in reality, people are often left behind and suffered negative impacts due to lack of knowledge and accessibility to the law.

DDP Legal Education and Development (D-LEAD) exists as an institution engaged in the field of education and dissemination in the development of knowledge to the community in order to have the latest legal knowledge and have a better understanding.

In order to implement our vision, D-LEAD provides online pages that are freely accessible to the community and organizes seminars or webinars and training with various themes. The themes include General Corporate Matters, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment, Shipping & Maritime, Financial & Technology, Capital Market, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Energy & Natural Resources, Insurance, Anti-trust/Competition, Taxes, Bankruptcy & Insolvency, Restructuring, Intellectual Property, Employment, Litigation and Dispute Resolution. The speakers at this event are the competent ones. D-Lead collaborates with various well-known media partners, agencies, and universities in Indonesia.